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The Oropa Botanical Garden, a structure within the Oasis system of the World Wide Fund for Nature, lies in the Nature Reserve of the Sacred Mount of Oropa (Biella), a protected area in the north west Piedmont region of Italy, in the Alps, and an UNESCO Heritage site. The Sanctuary of Oropa is a place of pilgrimage too.

The Garden, an area of botanical interest, cultivates 500 different species and varieties of plants. The spontaneous species are sub-divided into their separate environments to enable easy recognition, in a small area, of most of the spontaneous flora of the Oropa nature reserve.
The ornamental alpine plants though are cultivated in enclosed rockeries: in this way the visitor can appreciate the varied vegetation of the different mountain ranges world-wide.

There are over 100 WWF oasis in all Italy, places of extraordinary beauty created to preserve biodiversity; an unique patrimony of colours, scents and sounds of nature. From the Alps to the coast of southern Sicily, from the Sardinian woodlands to the maremma lagoons, from the last forests on the Padano plain, a chain of invaluable places and environments, with their intact landscapes and their flora and fauna, has been preserved.

In the WWF Oasis, plants and animals are protected, nature can be observed along educational trails, research is carried out and school children are taught to respect and love biodiversity.